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The design of this project was relatively quick in my office but when there is a design committee such as the Martha Cove Design Review Committee (MCDRC) the process can get lost in a bible of guidelines.

All applications are sent to the Design Review Manager and then distributed to the Executive Architect and to the Landscape Architect, this is only the first part of the process. However,  we managed to get this design approved and it was noted by the MCDRC "The dwelling has a terrace type design on both sides. This design, although different will blend in satisfactorily".

Ellesmere / 2014

Ervin / 2014

Sovereign / 2013

Dominion / 2013

Carool / 2013

Buxton  / 2012

Ocean View / 2012

Dorothy / 2011

Hubert / 2010

Walara / 2009

Queens / 2009

Pickles / 2008