Designing homes for your living needs



We use the most up to date Autodesk 3d modeling CAD program available.  Producing a  3D computer aided model we can walk through your new home design, or renovation this gives use a leading edge in design. We study all aspects of your building site, location, trees, neighbourhood, energy efficiency.  We offer 3 sketch designs including: Site plan, Floor plans, Elevations, delivering the best solution for your new project.

We work together with our engineer at early stages of design for construction purposes so we know your builder can construct your new project.

town planning (stage 2)

Further development to the approved Sketch Design. Additional information required for a planning application includes:

Shadow diagrams, Overlooking diagrams, Dimensions, Notations, Design response, Bush Fire Management Plan (BMO), Flood prone consent, Site Feature Survey, Landscape design and Arborist report.

building permit (Stage 3)

Further development to the endorsed Town Planning drawings. Additional information required for a Building Permit application includes:

Site plan, Floor plans, Elevations, Sections, Details, Site works, Structural Engineering, Soil Report, Bush Fire Activity Level (BAL).